Passenger and Visitor Covid -19 Safety


As of 6pm Friday 08/01/2021, it is mandatory for everyone at the airport to wear a mask at all times.

Everyone is asked to continue to maintain social distancing and hygiene practices.

Refer to airlines for flight status and updates.

Refer to State and Territory Government advice for updated travel information.


Follow the latest Queensland Government advice here :


Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport (WTB) operates fully licensed international air cargo terminal in conjunction with Menzies Aviation.

Outstanding Location

  • Efficient road connectivity to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
  • 150km to Brisbane.
  • Located within Australia’s two most productive agricultural regions.
  • Close proximity to Queensland’s gas fields in the Surat Basin.

Licenses & Capabilities

  • Licensed Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO) and 77G (bonded) Depot with the Australian Border Force.
  • Department of Agriculture, Export Registered Premises licenced to provide perishable handling, packing and loading capabilities under the Meat, Dairy, Fish Eggs and Horticulture export programmes.
  • Department of Agriculture Quarantine Approved Premises permits import cargo.
  • Fully equipped to handle oversized cargo, Dangerous Goods (DG), livestock, high value air shipments including art works, aerospace equipment, mining equipment and exhibition pieces.
  • Able to receive perishable products and general loose lodged cargo at the terminal and pack & prepare for export on behalf of the client.
  • Import & Export capabilities.
  • ULD Management
  • Freighter ground handling and cargo terminal is operated in conjunction with Menzies Aviation.

Cold Stores

  • Extensive licensed cool room and freezer storage:
    • 30-second data monitoring alarm.
    • carbon dioxide sensors to ensure the safety of operators.
    • separate cold rooms with adjustable temperature zones between -4C and 15C.
    • separate freezer to -18C.
    • sufficient cold storage for over 18 PMC's
  • Dry ice available


  • Regulated Air Cargo Agent Screening for US and non- US bound cargo, with ASIC holding staff.
  • Fully secure premises as required under Customs licencing.
  • CCTV coverage across the cargo terminal and cold rooms.
  • Back to base alarms.
  • Controlled access.
  • Security perimeter fencing.
  • 24 Hour on side security presence.

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