Airline Development

A Qantas A300 jet on the apron at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport |

Australia’s newest airport welcomes scheduled RPT and cargo operations, as well as ad-hoc chartered aircraft movements.

Left: The first international passenger flight out of Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport aboard a Qantas A330 - a chartered departure from Toowoomba to Shanghai for TSBE Access China

A Qantas A300 jet on the taxiway at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport |

Aviation Infrastructure

  • 2.87km Code F Runway and Taxiway.
  • Approved for 747-8F freighter operations.
  • No aircraft curfew, unlimited slots.
  • 36 000m2 high strength apron.
  • AWIB (Aviation Weather Information Broadcast)
    • Phone 07 3007 4195
    • Frequency 133.6
A Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 747-8F on the apron at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport with ground support equipment servicing the aircraft during offloading of cargo |

GSE (Ground Support Equipment)

  • Extensive Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for handling multiple classes of aircraft and cargo.
  • Maindeck, lower deck and oversized cargo supported.
  • Cargo dollies
  • Air start unit, tether and stair trucks.
  • JIG4 compliant underwing and overwing refuelling.

Aviation Charges Summary (Landing Fees)

The Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport Operations ute in the sunset | Copyright Cathy Finch Photography |

Aircraft Procedures

  • RNP-AR Procedure
  • RNAV GNSS procedure
  • CTAF airport with tower support
  • GPS RNAV approaches, PAPI lighting

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Friendly Security Screening team members ready to help passengers at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport |

Security Screening

  • WTB is a category 3 security controlled airport with passenger screening operating. Normal access control provisions apply.
  • Contact the ARO on 0498 998 060 for further information and after hours enquiries.

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