Youth Leaders Gather for a safeTALK

27 August 2018

‘We really wanted to work with the Year 11 students as they are the influencers in the future. They are still engaged in their school community without being overwhelmed by the Year 12 workload,’ said Neill Wagner.

The SafeTALK presentation was gifted to the students as part of Wellcamp Airport’s sponsorship of the Unleash the Beast Writing and Wellbeing Symposium for World Mental Health Day Wednesday 10th October. 

‘One in four adolescents identify with mental health issues,’ said Derek Tuffield, CEO Lifeline Darling Downs and South West QLD. ‘We wanted to make sure we are giving young adults information they can use to promote mental health. This workshop also addresses the basic steps prescribed in this year's theme for World Mental Health Day – to value Mental Health - and we are supporting the children’s learning, connectivity and creating an opportunity for them to give back to their peers.’

Thomas Heath, Toowoomba Grammar School believed the workshop was invaluable. 'Hopefully, we can recognise the signs and do something about it.' 

The event was such a success Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport are already planning for next year.  Mr Wagner was delighted with the representation. ‘It was wonderful to have 10 of the 17 high schools in Toowoomba represented, and next year, we will aim to have students from every school. The message from the SafeTALK presentation is simply too important for any school to miss out.’


This years theme for World Mental Health Day is to value Mental Health, suggesting six basic steps

  1. Be active – do what you can, enjoy what you do, get moving and improve your mood
  2. Keep learning – embrace new experiences, recognise opportunities, surprise yourself
  3. Connect – talk, listen, be there
  4. Give – your time, your words, your presence
  5. Take notice – remember the simple things that give you joy
  6. Care for our planet – it’s the home we all share

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