What is the pledge?

By taking the pledge you are joining a growing community movement powered by people who believe in our region, and who believe that we deserve great connectivity for our families and businesses.

Stand beside us, as we work to grow air services for our community, and really bring to life our promise - From Toowoomba to the World.

With your help, we will grow air services for an even better-connected region. Let us know where you are travelling to by becoming a part of our social community using @toowoombawellcampairport and #fromtoowoombatotheworld on Facebook and Instagram.

We look forward to seeing you at the Airport.

How do you take the pledge?

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Meet our latest legends!

A shout out of thanks to the growing number of business leaders who have taken the pledge to grow air services for our region as they travel From Toowoomba to the World!

Black Canvas

Black Canvas are thankful to Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport for making travel easy - a convenience that has enabled our business to grow being able to travel for design projects to Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. We proudly designed the logo, brand and website for our local airport and look forward to many more opportunities to fly direct from Toowoomba.

Kristy fielder and Anna Heaton

Toowoomba Hospital Foundation

We encourage all members of the Toowoomba community to Fly Toowoomba. The convenience and accessibility that an airport brings to our region is considerable and it is essential that as locals we support this important facility.

Alison Kennedy, CEO, Toowoomba Hospital Foundation

Australian Country Tours

Having an international airport at Wellcamp has transformed business opportunities on the
Western Downs. We at Australian Country Tours are delighted to be able to offer weekend escapes through Wellcamp – unimaginable just a couple of years ago. Well done Team Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport! You’ve created a fantastic asset for the region.

Jane Grieve


We travel a lot to ensure we can provide onsite training to our clients across the East Coast
of Australia. By flying Toowoomba we can have the perfect balance between efficiency
and client engagement.

Mia McIntyre, Founder | Virtual Work Consultant

JP Smith Recruitment & Human Resources

We are really impressed by the professionalism, courtesy and overall standard of the service at
Wellcamp! We have flown with a couple of different carriers from Toowoomba for business and leisure on a number of occasions and it is always pleasurable. Staff have always been
professional, friendly and accommodating. Check-in is a smooth and speedy process, excellent direct services to many destinations, the extra legroom, and the free newspapers are certainly a big plus. Airlines in bigger cities could learn a lot from the Toowoomba airport and the service they provide. Toowoomba airport is always the first consideration for us when needing to book a flight. A top facility on a consistent basis!

Jamie Smith

Horizon Accounting Group

I travel regularly to both Sydney and Melbourne from the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport.  Check-ins are a breeze and the flights and services are first class. Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport has significantly reduced the cost and time of doing business interstate and is a wonderful asset for the economy and community of Toowoomba and surrounds. Well Done!

Jeff Trevarthen

Inspired Wild & Free

Inspired, Wild & Free was created as uninspired and lost Mummy of 3 created time freedom for her family. A former teacher wanting to be home and present, Jacque found her passion and now supports others as they find their voice, self-confidence, and passions while designing their best life.

Inspired Wild & Free on Facebook

Startup Toowoomba

I'm in the business of helping the innovators, inventors, and changemakers of the Darling Downs by providing them with a first point of contact when they want to start their new business. Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport is a changemaker, changing the way we travel from Toowoomba to the World, in fact, IflyToowoomba to Thailand and Singapore this June to attend Global Summits on Innovation. 

David S. Masefield

Power Tynan

At PT, we fly Toowoomba because it’s convenient, hassle free and we are firm believers of supporting local. The Toowoomba Wellcamp airport is a fantastic facility that we as a community are privileged to have at our fingertips, and we know the more we support it, the more flight options will become available to us.

Gabbinbar Homestead

Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport has been a game changer for our business. 95% of our brides reside outside the Toowoomba region and the direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville and Cairns give them easy access to our beautiful venue.

Lifeline Darling Downs & South West QLD Ltd

'I fly from Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport as it is convenient, stress-free and a fantastic facility. I find the airport staff courteous and a pleasure to deal with which in turn makes for a great trip. I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to utilise this service to do so.'

CEO, Derek Tuffield OAM

Icon Adventures

I fly Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport, as it is so convenient for my clients.  

I take small groups to hike along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.  We can leave home before breakfast in Toowoomba and after lunch, we’re standing on a cliff-top overlooking the magnificent, rugged Victorian coastline. We love it!   

Suzanne Holden - Icon Adventures

Monkey Business Catering

Why do we prefer to fly from Toowoomba? Because it is so easy, so close and so...ours! The savings in money, time and, quite frankly, effort have made it an incredibly simple choice!

Amy Thompson, Owner

From the team at Stahmann's, all the best to Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport. It is great to have such a fantastic facility in our city.

At Qld Hot Property we fly Toowoomba. We love supporting local projects and initiatives, the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport is a perfect example, connecting our beautiful city to the world. We’re already seeing the airport having a great positive impact on our region which we’re excited to see continue.

Think Office Technology Business Development Manager, Tristan James said “as Think is dedicated to providing efficient office technology solutions for businesses across Queensland, regional air connectivity is paramount to achieving our goals. Flying local matters to us, and reaching Australia’s major centres is now just a short drive to Wellcamp Airport. We pledge our support to help grow air services in the Toowoomba region".

Fortress Financial Solutions

I fly from Toowoomba for ease, to save money and most importantly time.  As a business owner, every minute saved is a dollar saved – and flying from Toowoomba saves me time that I can instead focus on my clients.  From the onsite, affordable car parking to the efficient check-in and security processes, popping to Sydney for a business meeting has never been easier.  Flying from Wellcamp also benefits our region and provides employment locally, both of which I am proud to support.  I will keep flying from Toowoomba to support local, and because it makes good business sense.

CLAAS Harvest Dalby

With Head office located in Melbourne, it was always a three-hour drive to board a plane in Brisbane for our employees to attend conferences or training in Melbourne. The ability now to travel a short distance to Wellcamp has not only saved valuable time but has proven to be cost-effective as well. Travel and travel planning is now so much easier.

Lone Eagle Flying School

Flying in and out of Wellcamp serves the Lone Eagle Flying School on many levels. Interstate student pilots, members visiting family or meeting connecting flights, Wellcamp airport offers much to our club. Easy access, great parking facilities and state of the art terminal, the Wellcamp experience is always pleasurable.

Southern Cross Austereo

At Southern Cross Austereo, we love to fly from Wellcamp Airport.  Our clients appreciate the convenience and our staff have more flexibility to achieve the perfect work-life balance. No heavy traffic, no expensive parking, and no tolls. By flying from Wellcamp, you are changing the way locals travel. From Toowoomba to the World – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Southern Queensland Country Tourism

Southern Queensland Country Tourism CEO, Mary-Clare Power suggested that it is important to support air services so that they can grow.

“Make sure you tell others, those visiting you from other regions in particular, about the opportunity to fly direct,” said Ms Power\.

Tourism Darling Downs

Tourism Darling Downs CEO Ruth Wetmore said world class Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport was a game changer – and a gateway - for the region.

“The social and economic impact of this asset translates into spectacular opportunities for all our stakeholders – our residents, farmers, tourists and business communities – providing passenger and freight access across Australia, and From Toowoomba to the World,” said Ms Wetmore.

Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce

Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce CEO Ms Jo Sheppard said the connectivity Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport provided the community was a catalyst opening up new opportunities for business growth across our region.

“It is also directly contributing to the liveability of our city positioning Toowoomba as a very attractive place for people to work, live and play,” said Ms Sheppard.

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise CEO Ali Davenport said air travel was vital for the success of our region.

“Having the ability to fly directly to Toowoomba from other Australian cities means that business people, investors and tourists can get here quickly and easily,” Ms Davenport said.

They say people vote with their feet. In aviation, nothing could be truer. You're not alone, however in thinking that your individual shopping habits can't possibly matter in the grand scheme of things, but believe it or not they actually do! 


By taking the pledge to fly local you are working alongside the rest of the region to grow air services for the region.  Read the full article on Why Flying Local Matters our Blog Page here