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Why you should head south for the winter!

23 May 2017

There is no doubt that Melbourne’s food and wine culture is reason enough to visit Australia’s Cultural Capital all year round. However, often the cooler months turn us Queenslanders off making a trip south, so we’ve compiled a few reasons why you’re going to want to head south to Melbourne for the winter!

Winter Arts Program

Image credits left to right: NGV Van Gogh webpage 2017,,

The 2017 winter arts program

Art waits for no man! Yes I know that’s not the saying but seriously, unlike their tennis and cricket playing friends, artists do not break for winter. These artsy no-second-chance-offerings will have you booking flights to Melbourne before you can say ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’

Van Gogh and the Season exhibition, ends 9 Jul 2017

Possibly the most famous painter in history Van Gogh, loved all the seasons equally and proof of this can be seen in the 35 paintings on display at NGV International Melbourne as part for the Van Gogh and the Season Exhibition.

The Book of Mormon, ends 17 September 2017

If you haven’t had the pleasure of laughing your way through one of the biggest Broadway hits of the millennium then you really need to reorder your priority list immediately. The Book of Mormon’s massive Princess Theatre season will come to an end following winter 2017, making now the perfect time to catch a show and giggle away those winter blues!

Aladdin, ends 19 November 2017

There are only two sets of school holidays between now and when Aladdin leaves Melbourne (not that anyone’s counting). So if your kids are Disney fanatics or you want to them to be Disney fanatics like their parents, pack the suitcases, grab those winter coats and escape to A whole new world!

There are countless other shows at a range of other venues that you’ll only catch in Melbourne this winter! We don’t have enough space to list them all, so check the Visit Victoria website for further details. 

AFL Visit VictoriaImage credit:


Now that cricket season is finally over, Melbourne’s sporting ovals can be designated to some good old contact sport, more specifically AFL! We’re not saying that Victoria is obsessed with AFL but if the shorts fit…. Seriously, AFL season is likely the reason Melbourne was recently crowned ‘The Ultimate Sport City,’ so make sure your visit coincides with it.

It is a well-known fact through-out the world that you haven’t really experienced AFL until you’ve sat among Melbourne locals during a home game at the MCG or Etihad Stadium. If you’re an AFL fan, time your Melbourne visit for when your team is in town and enjoy the playful banter that you’ll no doubt be caught up in, if not pick a team, buy a scarf and let the energic atmosphere take you over!   

Though not AFL related, worth noting here are two massive soccer games which are hitting Melbourne this winter! Brasil Vs Australia on 13 June 17 is a game worth flying for, with names like Neymar Jnr, Philippe Coutinho and Marcelo set to grace the MCG turf. Then the battle of the reds is coming down under with Liverpool Vs. Manchester United on 25 July 2017.

Person -1218190_1920

Winter, but with activities…

As Southern Queenslanders, we’re quite confident that we understand and have experienced a real winter, complete with frozen fingers and semi-frost bitten noses but believe it or not, winter doesn’t have to be all bad. Melburnian’s are one of those amazing groups of people who never let the cold bother them, in fact they’ve turned around and made winter Olaf the Snowman level fun.

With a pop up outdoor ice skating rink in Federation Square that overlooks the Yarra and a giant ice slide in the heat of Southbank, there is no doubt that Melbourne takes winter to the next level. However Victoria’s winter can offer you one thing every Queensland child dreams of: SNOW! 

Full blown snow holidays can be expensive, particularly if it turns out that your kids really only liked the ‘idea’ of snow and the reality really doesn’t live up to Elsa from Frozen’s ice castle. So while in Melbourne hire a car and head east. Not only will you find snow but you’ll get to experience it for FREE! Mt Donna Buang offers a scenic snow field complete with three toboggan runs and snow covered walking trails all just over 90 minutes from the heart of Melbourne.

Visit Victoria

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Festivals, festivals everywhere!

Melbourne is certainly not afraid of hosting a winter festival, with plenty of quirky ones around to keep you busy and maybe even warm! If projection art is your thing or you’re suffering Vivid withdrawals, the long running Gertrude Street Projection Festival runs from 21 – 30 July, but if your taste is for the more traditional the Woodend Winter Arts Festival is certainly worth a visit, running from 9 – 12 June 2017.

Film buffs won’t need reminding that the world renowned, Melbourne International Film Festival is on from 3 – 20 August 2017, while musicians will definitely be keen for the International Singers Festival and the Melbourne Jazz Festival in early June.

The Good Food and Wine Show (2 – 4 June 17) is our final member of the Melbourne winter festival gang. A must visit for self-proclaimed foodies, this festival showcases the best of the best from all around the world! Important side note, the organisers for this years Good Food and Wine show are giving one lucky festival goer the chance to win a trip to Champagne. 

Melbourne Shopping

Shop up a storm.

Shops are the same temperature all year round. Couple this with the winter bargains you’ll get on those cute summer outfits  and this winter trip is fast becoming irresistible.

Aside from the regular offenders like Melbourne’s infamous DFOs and outlet shops, Bourke Street’s Mall and all of Chapel St, there are a number of seasonal markets which pop up specially to liberate those winter dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

The Queen Victoria Winter Night Markets will illuminate your Wednesday evenings, while the Finders Keepers Market in early July brings designer stalls to the Royal Exhibition Building. Another definitely worth a visit is the Batman Winter Night Markets which really just looks like an exceptionally fun way to eat and shop your way through a Saturday evening.

So let the shopping storm rage on!

Winter holidays down south really can be good fun and you might even find them a touch cheaper than the summer alternative. To start planning your winter trip to Melbourne visit

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